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Abrasive Water and Waterjet Cutting Huntington Beach CA
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Professional Waterjet Company Registered for Success

MILCO Waterjet, An AS 9100 and ISO 9001 Registered Company offers Industry Leading, Top Quality and Fast Turnaround Water Jet Machining and waterjet cutting services in Huntington Beach CA since 1990. We serve numerous industries, and can work rapidly on any project your firm or organization may require. Contact us today for a quick quote.

MILCO Unique Waterjet Cutting and Fabrication Advantage

Want to learn more about the benefits that come with using Waterjet? See our Advantages of Waterjet page. There we can explain how Waterjet cutting can be a great alternative to Laser cutting, plasma torch cutting, Stamping and blanking, saw cutting and even CNC Machining.

Waterjet All Materials! Aluminum, Steel, Plastics, Rubbers & More!

Water Jet is extremely versatile. MILCO Waterjet can cut a wide variety of materials that many types of cutting processes cannot do, or cannot cut as fast or as cost effective. Explore our versatility of Waterjet page to see how MILCO can blast through Exotic and unique materials such as Kevlar, G10, Composites, Laminates, Granite, Lexan, Acrylics, Travertine, Niobium, Alloys and Tool Steels.

Fast and Efficient Prototypes, Turnarounds, and Quality Waterjetted Parts!

Speed and Efficiency can play a large factor in Success in Manufacturing. Waterjet is known to be one of the most efficient methods of making parts. This alone can aid in Rapid Prototyping, Fast lead times and quick Turnarounds. Check out our Efficiency of Waterjet page to see how MILCO can meet your toughest of delivery times with the utmost quality and precision you demand!

You Save Money With Affordable California Waterjet Services

How much money can YOU save by using MILCO Waterjet as your source for Abrasive Waterjet Cutting and manufacturing needs? Our Savings with Waterjet Page goes into more depth about utilizing water jet to suit your individual needs. With our highly trained Staff, 50 + years of combined machining experience, and expertise within our field, MILCO Waterjet will increase your bottom line savings.

MILCO Waterjet caters and serves many different industries and aspects of manufacturing including: Aerospace, Design, Architectural, Automotive, Racing, Defense, Signage, Display, Media, Fabrication and Commercial. Please check out the link on our Specializing In page to get a better idea of how this can relate to you!

Call us today for a free quotation. Send us an email or fax us your prints, drawings, files or questions so we can help your ideas or products come to life!

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MILCO: Waterjet cutting in Huntington Beach CA
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