Aerospace Waterjet

MILCO Waterjet is a definitive supplier / manufacturer of precise and detailed components for many different aspects in the Aerospace / Aeronautics Industry, which include: Commerical Aircraft, Helicopter (Rotocraft), Jet, Spacecraft (Space Shuttles), Satellite, Missiles (Ballistic, Guided, & Cruise), and Rockets (Exploration, Gimbals, Engines)

MILCO Waterjet is an approved vendor to a wide and respected group of Aerospace Manufacturers such as Boeing, JPL, Honeywell, Rockwell-Collins, Blue Origin, Sergeant Fletcher, Tyee Aircraft, B/E Aerospace, Hamilton-Sundstrand, Meggitt Defense Systems, Keeley Aerospace, Cummins Aerospace, Twigg Aerospace, Northrop Grumman, Parker Hannifin, Lockheed Martin, Erickson Air-Crane and Robinson Helicopter.

MILCO Wire EDM's diverse capabilities include Wire EDM, Sinker EDM, Small Hole EDM, Waterjet Cutting and CNC Machining, in Orange County, Southern California

Taking pride and standing by our large customer base within the Aerospace industry is critical. We offer ways to satisfy the needs of our diverse customer’s demands by implementing multiple manufacturing processes in order to fulfill their most demanding and crucial orders.


MILCO can utilize numerous resources and outside vendors in order to manufacture simple parts to complex and highly intricate assemblies that are utilized on a variety of different Aircraft components.

Current aerospace projects & components MILCO Waterjet manufactures:

Aircraft Body Panels
Aircraft Engine Blades
Aft bosses
Armature plates
Cam Assemblies
Clamp Brackets
Go/No Go Gauges
Housing Assemblies
Hub Assemblies & Hub Components
Landing Gear Components
Locking Washer & Lock Nut Components
Reservoir Vanes
Rivet Pallets
Sensor Housings
Sub Assemblies
Sump Inlet Vane
Turnbuckle Assemblies


Aerospace Programs Portfolio: MILCO Waterjet

X-51A Hypersonic SCRAMJET Waverider – Boeing | Pratt & Whitney Rocketdyne

MILCO Waterjet completed machining on the Solid Tungsten duck-bill nose cone so it could fit precisely up to its mating part against the fuselage of the aircraft. This process was quite detailed and intricate with a “1 shot – 1 chance” cut that had to be perfect from the start. This aircraft broke the Worlds Record for the fastest flight speed at Mach 7.

From rocket guidance systems to unmanned flight hardware, to drone surveillance and gyroscopes MILCO has played a role in making tens of thousands products for our customers. Our Aerospace customer base spans from all over the United States because we offer the highest level of Aerospace expertise and services available, and at a very competitive price. Whether you need a prototype made with a hot delivery of less than a day or thousands of parts over a set time-frame, we give you personalized top-notch service combined with the fastest delivery schedule anywhere.

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