Custom Design and Architectural Elements with Waterjet Cutting

"Exotic", "Unique", "Bold", "Beautiful", "Clean" and "Custom" - Just some of the most common words we hear to describe the projects we deliver.

At MILCO Waterjet, we thrive off of the feeling you get by designing either a completely custom piece for an art gallery, a unique storefront, a studio concept, or even an upscale wine room / restaurant for a hotel in Las Vegas.

Design / Custom Architecture Waterjet Portfolio

We were recently asked by one of our design affiliates to help manufacture a wine rack for a Signature Steak and Seafood Fine Dining Restaurant in Las Vegas that was chic, upscale and could hold more than 5,000 wine bottles. This was clearly a job that could not be taken lightly since each piece was 1" thick steel and over 10' in length.

MILCO Waterjet - Final Product Waterjet cut Framework for Aliante MRKT Wine Room

2 Story Wine Rack for MRKT Sea + Land: Waterjet Cut for Aliante Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas

Waterjet Cut 1 inch thick steel beams for Aliante Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas - Raw Stock and Palletized Custom Design and Architecture - Waterjet cut steel rods framework for Aliante Hotel and Casino - Installation

MILCO Waterjet worked 24 hour shifts for a week and a half to accomplish this task, from start to finish. By ordering the material under expedite, cutting, organizing, stacking and palletizing the parts, our customer had a "ready to go" product that was set for delivery in under two weeks.

With the grand opening deadline fast approaching, the Aliante Casino's MRKT Restaraunt was able to serve the freshest Salmon and the best Filet Mignon on time and in style. Please enjoy the before, during and after pictures.

Waterjet cut Steel Architectural Rods and support framework for Aliante Hotel in Las Vegas for MRKT Fine Dining

You can trust in MILCO to produce your "high end" jobs to the best possible standards. We can guarantee our turn around times, and give back to you a part that "Clearly Exceeds Your Expectations".

Always expanding our waterjet service repertoire:

At MILCO, we take serious pride in unique, "one off" ideas. Ideas that would make someone do a double take.

With the ever expanding possibilities of mediums and material types we can cut with our waterjets we look forward to waterjet cutting your idea into reality!

Design / Custom Architecture Portfolio

Born in California and influenced by the world, SLVDR creates high quality, well considered designs. Their clothing blends seamlessly with the surf, skate and snow culture but adds so much more through uniqueness and quality. We were asked by the owner to waterjet cut his logo directly out of the used skateboard deck itself. This created an extremely real and authentic design element.

Waterjet Cutting Custom Art Storefront Displays for SLVDR Clothing

Custom Clothing Line Display for SLVDR Clothing: Waterjet Cut Donated Skateboard Decks

Water jet cut Birchwood Panels with Logo for SLVDR Cothing - Store Front Display SLVDR Clothing Logo - Waterjet out of Real Skateboard Deck - Design and Storefront

MILCO used custom fixturing to set the material up as to not ruin any part of the work-piece. We were quite pleased with the result, we hope you are too. Please use the link to check out their product!

MILCO has waterjet cut a variety different materials for different architectural applications. What is it that you like? Let us know and we will give you our knowledge and help the best we can.

Various types include:

  • Metals and Alloys: Aluminum, Stainless, Steel, Brass, and Copper
  • Acrylics: Plastic, Lexan, Polycarbonate
  • Woods: Veneers, MDF, Blocks, Solids, and Plywoods
  • Naturals: Cement, Stone, Granite, Glass (non-tempered)
  • Or many other materials that you would need for your unique application.

Are you pressed with a tight deadline? Not to worry. At MILCO, we offer expedite cutting that can help get you and your project back on track. With 24, 48 and 72 hour plans we can deliver your product on time and with the utmost of quality. Please click the HOT QUOTE link in order for us to begin the process of waterjet cutting your Custom Design or Custom Architectural masterpiece.

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Wine room Closeup - to show Detail in Frame work for Aliante Hotel and Casino MRKT - Design and Architecture
Waterjet cut Skateboard with Custom Design Logo for SLVDR Clothing