Custom Gaskets and Seals Manufacturing

MILCO Waterjet manufactures gaskets and seals for many different industries with a large variety of applications using water jet. In Fact: these gaskets and sealing parts cover the largest amount of industries out of all the parts we manufacture. Below is just a partial list of the most popular Gasket Applications.

Gasket Manufacturing at MILCO Waterjet - Custom Gaskets made from 17-4 Stainless Cut with Waterjet, in Orange County, Southern California

Taking pride and standing by our large customer base within the Aerospace industry is critical. We offer ways to satisfy the needs of our diverse customer’s demands by implementing multiple manufacturing processes in order to fulfill their most demanding and crucial orders.


MILCO can utilize numerous resources and outside vendors in order to manufacture simple parts to complex and highly intricate assemblies that are utilized on a variety of different Aircraft components.

Types of Gasket Applications Manufactured:Using Waterjet Machinery

  • Aircraft Gaskets
  • Marine Gaskets
  • Gaskets for Machines
  • Gaskets for Engines
  • Hydraulic Gaskets
  • Turbine Gaskets
  • Manifold Gaskets
  • HVAC Gaskets
  • Missile and Torpedo Gaskets
  • High Temp / High Pressure Gaskets
  • Industrial Gaskets
Gaskets & Water Jet cutting: "A perfect match"

The gaskets or "mechanical seals" we water jet cut are mostly used as a means to seal a specified gap or space between two objects under a set amount of compression. These objects can be of any type of material and can be a variety of different sizes. Waterjet Cutting is perfect for custom gaskets for a couple of reasons: One reason being because shapes can easily and quickly be changed or revised in order to make a better seal. Another reason why waterjet cutting is widely used for custom gasket making is because Gaskets are most commonly manufactured from sheet materials. Waterjet cutting works best with sheet materials because of the consistency, flatness and variety sheet materials come in for gasket production.

Popular Types of Gasket Applications Manufactured:

Aside from all of the different materials used to make gaskets, MILCO Waterjet is used by many Gasket and Seal Companies to manufacture their own gaskets. We work in collaboration with other Gasket and Seal Manufacturing Plants to give you the best possible product out there! We are a PARKER CSS Approved Vendor.

Value added services to our parts are also readily available, such as:

  • deburring
  • drilling
  • reaming
  • passivation
  • double disc grinding
  • blanchard grinding
  • edge breaking
  • powdercoating

All gaskets and seals have their own characteristics and can be contoured to customer specifications. What do you need? What does your application call out for? Let us know and we will give you our knowledge and help the best we can.

Need your gasket or seal in a hurry? Are you pressed with a prompt delivery date? Not to worry. At MILCO Waterjet we offer expedite cutting that can help get your project back on track. With 24, 48 and 72 hour plans we can deliver your product on time and with the utmost of quality. Please click the HOT QUOTE link in order to begin!

Gasket and Sealing Portfolio: MILCO Waterjet

Custom Seal Application for PARKER SEALS - CSS Division :
Waterjet Cut Stainless Gask-o-seal

MILCO Waterjet worked in collaboration with Parker Hannifin Composite Sealing Systems - Seal and Gasket Division to help water jet cut a special gasket that was used for their customer. Parker Composite Sealing Systems Division (CSS) is headquartered in San Diego, California. They offer world-class design and manufacturing of metal/elastomer, composite/elastomer, metal seals and custom sealing systems. Parker CSS specializes in high-integrity solutions to solve demanding sealing needs in a wide variety of markets and applications.

The gasket started as a print and went to a DXF / CAD file. After it was waterjet cut at MILCO, it went off to be de-burred then went straight through our rigorous quality control inspection process. The seal was a complete success, with the waterjet cut and service exceeding our customer's expectations. We always look forward to manufacturing more seals and gaskets in the future. Hopefully we will make your next custom gasket! Please contact us for any questions you may have or email us your file to be quoted.

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MILCO Waterjet - SealMILCO Waterjet - Gasket
MILCO Waterjet - Gasket being cut with Waterjet