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MILCO Waterjet

Automotive & Racing Waterjet

"MILCO Waterjet has cut parts in collaboration with many different Automotive Industry Manufacturers & Engineering Companies. Making parts better the 1st time is our specialty".

The Automotive Industry is always adapting and constantly changing. New models every year are being released by major manufacturers. Therefore constant improvements in design and engineering in OEM and aftermarket performance parts are a must. Prototypes must be made quickly and efficiently to avoid overrunning costs. Today's Automotive Aftermarket Industry is unforgiving and relentless.

When looking to produce parts for any type of vehicle there isn't much room for error. Whether you are making Copper busbars for the newest Hybrid, or Titanium brake rotors for an Indy Racer, NASCAR or Flat Track, or a frame reinforcement bracket for a one off custom Dragster, MILCO sets the highest standard for Water Jet Cutting. Give us a call, email us your print or CAD File / CAD Drawing and we can handle the rest. We can help produce the most critical of parts you need quickly and with the utmost of quality.


MILCO can utilize numerous resources and outside vendors in order to manufacture simple parts to complex and highly intricate assemblies that are utilized on a variety of different Aircraft components.

Waterjet Cut Automotive Parts

Prototype parts for the engine and engine components such as flanges, sensor housings and manifolds.

There is such a wide array of parts that can be made with Waterjet it would be close to impossible to list them all.


Materials used for Automotive and Performance Industries

"MILCO Waterjet cuts parts from all different types of materials and of all different shapes and sizes."

Materials used in part production and prototyping are extremely critical. Waterjet cutting has almost no limits as to what type of material we can cut. This aids in part production because you are not limited to a small selection of materials.

At MILCO Waterjet, we can make parts for ALL aspects the automotive industry with materials such as:

MILCO Waterjet offers Value Added services for Automotive Industry Parts including:

MILCO Waterjet  is proud to provide you with any additional information that you may aid in deciding if Water Jet Cutting is the right machining process for your job.

MILCO is also an ISO 9001 and AS9100 Certified Job Shop.
If you would like MILCO Waterjet to water jet cut your project please turn in your information for quotation here.

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We offer Same day, 24 hour, 48 hour and 72 hour expediting. Please contact us ASAP for further details.